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About Me 



Who is Aliceje Keyburn?

I would like to think my parents knew I was going to have that creative gene in me and that's why they gave me the creative spelling of my name. It is pronounced Alicia but thanks to my mom I have a unique spelling. 

I grew up going to races and playing sports with my dad. He is the one who got me hooked in the powersports and off-roading life. Whether it is for work or fun, I enjoy going to races, events, trade shows, photoshoots etc. There is a certain vibe and energy in the sports industry that you can't get anywhere else.

Thanks to my supportive family who urged me to pursue my creative talents, I was introduced to Graphic Design. I started out at Golden West College where I received my AA Degree then went onto The Art Institute and obtained my Bachelor's Degree.

I was fortunate enough to land my dream career in the sports industry after being hired directly from my graduating portfolio show. Ever since then I have continued to educate myself in design/technology and stay a competitive designer as well as continue to grow my knowledge in the sports scene.


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